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Membership of the Academy requires a personal invitation to the candidate, and fulfillment of the following academic merits:

  • There must be a vacant seat

  • The candidate must hold a degree in Law

  • The candidate must have papers published in Customs Law in an established publisher. Collaborative authorships in articles or essays shall not be considered

  • The candidate must be teaching Customs Law on an ongoing basis in prestigious academic institutions

  • The candidate must attend at least three consecutive academic events organized by ICLA, for example, the World Customs Law Meeting

  • The candidate shall gather three signatures of academy members from three countries, who endorse the application.

  • The application shall be evaluated by the Board of Directors, whose eventual approval must be unanimously endorsed in the General Assembly

  • The candidate must attend the Assembly on the day of admission. Candidates for admission to the Academy shall not be approved in absentia.

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