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About ICLA

The International Customs Law Academy (ICLA) is an international, private non-profit association whose global membership is comprised of noted jurists who have published books and scholarly articles in the field of Customs Law. ICLA is dedicated to research, publishing, teaching and furthering the practice of Customs Law in the public and private sectors as well as in the academic community. Membership of ICLA is currently limited to 100 individuals, and is by invitation, after a nomination and qualification process. ICLA operates in two official languages, Spanish and English.

The Academy’s Official Headquarters is located in the country of which the President of the Academy is a resident.


The Academy executes its institutional role through activities such as:

  • Promote the theoretical-practical knowledge of the professionals related to Customs Law stimulating a great relationship between training and labor orientation.

  • Promoting contacts and scientific exchanges between people and institutions interested in Customs Law.

  • Organizing, either individually or jointly with other organizations or international entities, Conferences, Conventions, Symposia, and Meetings or other types of activities related to Customs Law.

  • Publishing scholarly books and compendiums focused on topical areas in the field of Customs Law.


The Academy was founded by a prestigious group of jurists from Latin America and Spain, including noted university professors and authors, as well as professional practitioners in the field of customs law (attorneys, public officials, judges). The Academy was incorporated as the Academia Internacional de Derecho Aduanero on June 6, 2007, in Barcelona’s Ilustre Colegio de Abogados (Bar Association).


Board of Directors: 

Andrés Rohde Ponce, President

Juan Patricio Cotter, Counselor

Rosaldo Trevisan, Counselor

Jean Claude Martinez, Counselor

Hans-Michael Wolffgang, Counselor

Massimo Fabio, Counselor

Bryce Blegen, Counselor

Jorge Alejandro Rivera Vásquez, Secretary

Germán Alfonso Pardo Carrero, Director of the Comparative Legislation and Advanced Studies Center

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